tumblr2rss is a little service that turns your tumblr dashboard into an RSS feed so you can read it in your RSS reader of choice along with the rest of your RSS feeds. Click the button below to get a feed URL.

Dashboard/Feed Privacy Warning

The feed URL Tumblr2RSS generates will be essentially unguessable (it's much more likely that someone will guess your tumblr password before they guess your feed URL). However, if someone does obtain your feed URL they can learn your username, and see everything you see on your tumblr dashboard. Basically, if you want to keep the contents of your dashboard secret, make sure keep your feed URL secret.

For users who registered before the feeds were made private (i.e. if your feed URL has your tumblr user name in it) then feel free to un-register, and then re-register to get a new anonymous feed URL.

How to Unregister

You can unregister from this service (removing your ".rss" url) by going to "Apps" in your settings and clicking the "x" next to the name Tumblr2RSS.

I Lost My Feed URL

If you lose your feed URL, just re-register using the button at the top of the page. Your old feed URL will get deactivated once you've registered a new one. If you want to stop using the service, follow the steps in in How to Unregister.

Reporting Bugs

If you find any bugs (posts that don't look right, missing posts, etc.) please open a new issue on the tumblr2rss GitHub page.